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Do you suffer from Dry Eyes?

Have you noticed that more and more people are complaining about dry eyes?

Well, they may not specifically be complaining about a dry eye, however they may have the following symptoms;

Irritated eyes, Red eyes, Teary eyes, Itchy eyes, Tired eyes, Blurry eyes

A painting of a dry eye

This may occur at any time during the day when doing concentrated vision tasks such as;

Computer work, Driving, Tablet work, Cell phone use.

Our modern lifestyle requires increased close vision tasks that mainly involve digital displays of all types and sizes as well fairly close distances.

This is putting strain on our visual systems as we are forced to blink less and look down far more often than before.

What can I do to prevent my eyes from getting dry or improving my dry eyes?

Start with a comprehensive vision examination if you have not had one in the last 18 months or so. This will determine the cause of your dry eyes and then we can correctly advise or treat you.

This may involve some of the following treatments or advice;

  1. Eye drops to supplement tears or prevent evaporation.
  2. Vitamins/supplements to improve tear quality.
  3. Meibomian gland stimulation. (Specialized glands in the top and lower eyelids that secrete oil)
  4. Advice on reducing tear evaporation.
  5. Advanced therapy to prevent the Meibomian glands from dying.


Who is most likely to develop dry eyes?

Patients with diabetes, rheumatoid arteritis, allergies and middle aged women.

Those that spend 3 Hr.’s plus per day in front of digital screens.

What’s the good news? Most dry eyes can be treated painlessly.

If you think you are suffering from one of the symptoms, please call us to have a check up.


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