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Choosing an optometrist

With the wide choice of optometrists and trendy, retail eyewear shops, you might be confused about where to get your eyes checked. You may even be tempted to buy a pair of eyeglasses online which might not fit.

One thing is certain; If you’re having trouble seeing, it is time to see an optometrist!

Here’s what to look for in an optometrist – and why you should choose Dynamic Vision.

Good referrals

Ask for referrals from your GP, family or friends who have had a great experience. When choosing an optometrist, look for a partner for long term eye and vision health. You’ll have peace of mind of getting qualified advice and quality care, service and products with an optometrist who belongs to a professional network such as Dynamic Vision, the longest-running group of independent optometrists in South Africa.  

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Personalised and invested care

Everyone loves the familiar faces and personalised care at an independent optometrist.  The team knows your name, and your eye doctor knows your prescription needs and your history. All the branches in our network are owner-operated, which means the optometrist is invested in every patient’s outcome. You’re not just a number.

Local care, national reach

Dynamic Vision’s owner-operated branches offer the best of both worlds, professional and caring optometrists in trendy and comfortable stores. An optometrist in the network can give you the best lenses and best quality eyecare according to your needs. You also benefit from Dynamic Vision’s competitive pricing on the world’s top brands due to collective advantage in negotiating price points.

Quality control and consistency

The optometry and retail landscapes are changing. In an era when lenses are a commodity, choosing an optometrist in a professional network like Dynamic Vision offers the assurance of consistency and control in lens quality.  Our carefully selected lens suppliers are all established, recognised, and trusted prescribing the correct tool according to your clinical requirement.

Latest technology

The old ways aren’t necessarily the best way. You want an optometrist who is up to speed with the latest advancements in screening, diagnostic, lens, and treatment technologies to identify, diagnose and treat your vision problems for the best possible outcome. Dynamic Vision optometrists use state-of-the-art measuring devices to check your vision, stock a wide range of quality lenses and frames, and will offer you aftercare such as periodic spectacle inspections.

Excellent pricing and promotions

You don’t have to settle for blurred vision because corrective eyewear is expensive. Dynamic Vision optometrists are committed to giving the best quality eye care to meet every budget. We negotiate better prices with our suppliers which enables us to offer better prices to our customers. Our annual and short promotions are designed to give patients added value, without compromising on quality.

A pleasant and unintimidating environment

Dynamic Vision’s values are reflected in everything we do, especially in the experience you have when you visit our stores. Every owner-operated store is welcoming, well organised and offers a wide range of high-quality lenses and frames. Expect more than a sales pitch. Our optometrists care about your needs, will listen to your concerns and understand your budget constraints to give you objective advice and solutions.

Science and aesthetics

Your choice of eyewear is highly personal. Not only do you want to know that you are wearing eyeglasses that will help your vision, but you also want to feel and look good. Aside from finding them aesthetically pleasing, you should also find your frames comfortable. By pairing new lens technologies with innovative frames, it is possible to get quality, precision eyewear that meet your vision needs as well as your lifestyle while remaining on-trend. We take your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle into consideration when helping you to select the correct frame so that you get all of this and more.